Tuesday, 17 November 2009

How Dangerous is Horse Riding?

Unbelievably, there are no official figures specifically related to horse-riding accidents. Unlike safety belts for cars or crash helmets for motor bikes, there is no law for cyclists or horse-riders to wear safety helmets.

Whilst some would welcome legislation, most would prefer to have freedom of choice. For those who opt for safety, however, there are different qualities of safety equipment. The more challenging tasks demand better protection - a brief glance at Formula 1 Racing will extinguish any doubts about that!

Statistics are useful but knowledge is better. Thousands of people ride horses every day in Britain, without mis-hap. A good instructor will teach new horse-riders how to ride safely and there are high quality helmets, body protectors, riding boots and accessories.

Sherwood Equestrian will be pleased to offer advice on their product range. Please contact us by email or telephone 01707 663551.

Meanwhile, here is a link to a recent article from the BBC: The sacked drugs adviser Prof David Nutt famously compared its risks with those of ecstasy. But just how dangerous is horse riding?


  1. Is it so unbelievable when it's estimated 4.2 millon people ride and for most there is no requirement for them to report accidents? Most data, as alluded to comes from A&E departments in hospitals.

    What is unbelievable is that road traffic accidents including horses are not separately captured.

    It is a legal requirement that children aged 14 years or younger must wear a riding hat to current standards when riding on the road.

  2. Thank you for the clarification regarding younger riders on the road.