Monday, 20 September 2010

Quick Tips for Clipping your Horse

Top Tips for Clips:
  • Get used to feel and weight of the clippers before starting.
  • If you are a beginner it makes sense to start with a horse that is well behaved.
  • With a horse being clipped for the first time, start with shoulders/neck to allow them to get used to the clippers in a less sensitive area.
  • Use a small pair of clippers that make less noise. Introduce the horse to the feel of the clippers over a period of a few days by placing them on the coat but not actually cutting any hairs, let them get used to the noise.
  • With a horse used to clipping start with the head as they can get bored.
  • Make sure your clippers are well maintained with blades that are sharp to avoid pulling the hair.
  • Make sure the clippers do not get too hot and carry out regular oiling of the blades.
  • Thoroughly groom your horse before clipping and remove any grease and mud.
  • Put a bandage on the tail to prevent long hair getting in the way. Plait mane and forelock if needed.
  • Use a piece of chalk or saddle soap to get straight lines. A numnah that is normally used can be used as a template to get the shape and position right when carrying out a Hunter Clip.
  • Run the clippers against the lie of the coat. Make sure you have all the equipment to hand before starting with the horse, groomed and in a head collar.
  • Long smooth strokes help to avoid the appearance of tram-lines with the natural lines of the coat followed and the blades moving in the right direction.
  • Keep a rug close by to partially cover the horse to keep them warm while you continue the clip.

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