Monday, 31 January 2011

Ladies Dressage Tails, Reduced

ladies' dressage tails
Equestrian sports are steeped in tradition and Dressage riders need to adhere to the dress code.

As a strictly governed sport, Dressage riders have a number of rules to follow regarding how they dress and behave.

Dressage is judged subjectively, therefore correct turnout conveying the right impression are important.

For Dressage competitions, riders will wear white breeches, worn with a belt and complemented with a white shirt and a stock tie with a small pin, worn under the Dressage Coat.

Dressage Coats are usually solid black with metal buttons, traditionally a long jacket and a colour vest or vest points at the front of the waist is usual. Gloves are generally white.

The ladies' dressage tails shown here are currently on offer at Sherwood Equestrian's on-line shop.

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