Monday, 9 May 2011

Tips for Horse Rug Care & Repair

  • Wash Horse Rugs Regularly using an anti-bacterial, anti-irritant rug wash.
  • Check for damage to the fabric. Iron-on patches may be used for small repairs; heavy duty blankets may require sewing.
  • If a waterproof layer has been damaged, seek professional advice. Inadequate repairs may trap moisture and be detrimental to your horse's well-being.
  • If surcingles, straps or buckles are damaged, seek professional advice.
  • If necessary, reproof rugs to protect your horse and prolong the use of the rug. To test, drop a teaspoon of water onto the rug's surface - it should form 'beads' or run off but if it is absorbed, it should be water-proofed before the next shower.  

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