Monday, 3 December 2012

The 'Pony Loan' School

Continuing from our previous blog post... rather than buying a pony, an alternative service to consider would be the 'Pony Loan' School.

  • Loan a Pony for a minimum of 3 months to discover what is like to be in the world of horse ownership for  a small weekly loan rental from £25pw
  • Subject to a loan agreement you will become an owner and learn what ownership entails without the worry of cost and commitment before you are sure it is for you.
  • The service package includes Part Livery, Food, Farrier, Wormers and Vet insurance. There are no hidden costs.
  • After the period of three months the aim is to give the future purchaser of a pony a clear idea what is involved.
  • You will know whether the children are still keen to continue and if the financial commitment is still to be made.
  • From the experience gained you will have a good idea what size Pony to buy bearing in mind children grow at a fast rate.
If you are living in the Hertfordshire area we will provide you with full details of a personally known provider of this service who we are happy to recommend most highly.

Contact Sherwood Equestrian for full details.

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